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December 2019

I took a year off from painting and returned to the theater in a big way -as an actor, designer, and director, performing the role of Dr. Roberto Miranda in "La muerte y la doncella (Death and the Maiden)", by Ariel Dorfman, and crafting and directing the comedy "El insólito caso de Miss Piña Colada (The unusual case of Miss Piña Colada)", by Carlos Ferrari. With Miss Piña Colada I made my directorial debut at the Helen Theater in Cleveland's Playhouse Square. -jrr

March 2019

The Muralmaster Website is being completely redone and optimized to HTML5! This herculean task is going to make many months to do. Artworks, projects and commentaries from the last four years will finally posted for your viewing pleasure!. -jrr

December 2018

Completion of design and decoration work of the 'Barflyy Retro Bar and Arcade in Kent, Ohio.' Entirely different in concept and style from any previous work, the Barflyy boasts mural collages of every pop icons, TV shows, movies, hit records, fads, and video games from 1999 to 2006, and over 100 hand-painted bar stools with Kent State sports and iconic board game themes -jrr

July 2017

Completion of the floor-to-ceiling artistic design and reconstruction of 'Paninis Bar & Grill' in Westlake, Ohio -" it involved original artworks, murals, faux finishes, custom-designed furnishings, and much more." -jrr

May 2017

"The Cleveland Skyline" -a lighted 30 feet long 3D reconstruction of 55 Cleveland skyscrapers, and a second rendition of "1964 -the year Slyman's made it's first sandwich" wallscape, were completed at the new Slyman's Tavern in Orange, Ohio -jrr

April 2015

"The 3 Stooges Mural" and "1964 -the year Slyman's made it's first sandwich" wallscape were completed at Slyman's Tavern in Independence, Ohio, in addition to a total floor-to-ceiling artistic redesign of the space. -jrr

July 2014

"Cleveland -it's the new cool" mural window-wrap installed at Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery in downtown Cleveland. This is the ultimate piece of public art about the city of Cleveland. Over one hundred landmarks and iconic images masterfully rendered in this colorful and dynamic montage. -jrr

June 2014

"It's up to us" mural completed. Named by Scene Magazine "Cleveland's Best Public Art of the Year." To see image go to Current Works in the above links. -jrr

January 2010

"Yes, my friends, the rumours are true! On December 10, 2009, John Rivera-Resto & Miss Nancy A. Lewis celebrated their wedding on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico."

Aug. 2008

"I would like to give thanks to the people of OnStage and BINUS University for making my trip to Asia an unforgettable experience. Many thanks to all my new friends in Bali, Jakarta, Batam, Bangkok, Hanoi and Tokyo -and most especially to Miss Jane Chen. -jrr"