The artist's self portrait. "He has the squint and the smile of a sonofabitch." - a Washington critic


          In 1974, a sixteen year old (ADHD and gifted) boy answered his father's dare by making a copy of a professional's landscape painting. When the copy was shown, he was immediately asked to do a major commission. Not withstanding the fact that he had never painted before, had no art training or artistic aspirations, he accepted the offer. Six months later, the result was a 2,275 square-feet tapestry-like mural inside one of the largest temples in the island of Puerto Rico. With this daring move, John Rivera-Resto was hurled into the world of art.

Wall Mural.

"El jardín del Eden" (the Garden of Eden), John's first mural painting, age 16
Iglesia Fuente de Salvación Misionera, barrio Lijas de Las Piedras, Puerto Rico,1974.

Acrylic paint on smooth concrete, Dim. 2,275 square-feet (photo shows only half)

          Since then, John has used his forty years of artistic training and experience working in the fields of fine arts, dramatic arts, art education, film making and visual design. While mostly known to the Cleveland public as a master-muralist, designer and portrait painter, his works have also made him a favourite with private collectors in the Caribbean, Central America and the United States. But it comes as a surprise to many that, in spite of John's expertise with the paintbrush, he actually prefers the writing pen as his creative instrument of choice.

          Being an artist who was born of two cultures, two languages, and two very distinct times, and, being an individual experienced in the many and unexpected twists of life since his early youth, make John an explosive combination of pragmatism and idealism that expresses itself in a variety of creative ways (browsing through the pages of this website will introduce you to John's art in a candid and entertaining manner).

          When not occupied with painting commissions, doing drama (writing, acting, directing, designing), restoring mansions or doing community work, John continues his lifelong attempts at teaching Spanish to his children - John Alexander and Selina Marie (and now his grandson Samuel Andrés) - and the art of cooking a decent meal. In his spare time, John plays strategy games, practices at perfecting his fencing skills (el arte de la esgrima), and tries very hard to stay out of trouble.

          John Rivera-Resto has a B.A. in Art Education from Cleveland State University, an M.F.A. in Studio Arts from Vermont College of Norwich University College and is an alumnus from the prestigious Washington Centre Leaders Fellowship Program at our Nation's capital. He is presently doing research for his phd. To date, John is considered to be one of the top-ten muralists in the United States as well as one of the most gifted and dynamic art lecturers worldwide.


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