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"I want to look back on my career
and be proud of the work, and be
proud that I tried everything."

-Jon Stewart

Wow... this is the best awesome painting

From 1974 to the present

This page contains a compilation of John's collective body of work in chronological order. Over one-hundred and seventy entries are included in the listing. This compilation is by no means complete. Missing are hundreds of minor art works (sculptures, drawings, sketches and designs), all of John's writing output from the 1970s to the late 1990s, as well as all his theatrical work as an actor, designer and director. The writings consisted mostly of his religious theme plays (which he also produced), and some short stories and poetry.

Also missing from this list are early major mural works for which John kept no records and consequently have been lost to time. In this listing we concentrated mostly on commissioned works, those undertaken to primarily make a living as and artist-for-hire, sprinkled with a few works from his college years. In addition, also added to the chronology, are significant and life changing events in John's life; they are included since they mark influential changes in his work.

As shown above, we color-coded the types of works in the chronology by subject. This clearly illustrates John's versatility and mastery of different mediums as well as his ability to simultaneously crossover from subject to the next. Clicking on a thumbnail image will take you to the appropriate project page. Please note that many of the entries are under construction and will be posted as they are completed on a monthly basis. Our goal is to have all the entries by the Spring of 2021. Smartphone users: Although greatly optimized, Muralmaster is a large "graphics sites" best seen on tablets, laptops and PCs. There will be formatting issues on some phones.

2020 Cancellations of Projects & Commissions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic
Projectos cancelados por la pandemia, o quizás para otros tiempos.

New Projects & Commissions during Pandemic Recovery
Nuevos Proyectos y Comisiones durante la recuperación de la pandemia

New entries will be periodically added to this compilation of artworks.

Thank you art lovers for visiting Muralmaster. I leave you with a parting gift, a quote from American writer Dale Carnegie: "Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire?"

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