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          John Rivera-Resto
          14519 Lake Avenue
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Potential Clients

          John Rivera-Resto is an artist, a lecturer, and art consultant for hire. From murals to conceptual design, from theatre production to film making, John brings a variety of expertise, experience and skills into any project of quality. Initial inquiries are done via e-mail or by phone. Follow-up consultation and telephone exchanges will be done at the client's convenience. Some commissions necessitate a site visit. The artist will travel to meet with clients anywhere in the world at their invitation and expense.

Martinique 2002 Cleveland 2006 Puerto Rico 2009

Art Students

          Questions from art lovers and students are welcomed and encouraged. John Rivera-Resto will answer most letters via e-mail in due time. Please be patient. If your letter gets lost in the cosmos, please write again. Some inquiries might be of general interest to other readers. Unless otherwise requested, your questions might be posted in the web-site.

Indonesia 2008. Conducting the lecture series: The Power of Art as an Instrument of Change

Lectures and Presentations

          John Rivera-Resto is a popular lecturer on a diversity of subjects relating to art education, multicultural art, his artistic career, art history and philosophy, as well as painting techniques. Presentations may be in either English or Spanish. Please contact the artist about presentation fees.

Painting the dome mural of the new Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center in Cleveland, Ohio, 2010;
Conducting a mural painting workshop at BINUS International in Jakarta. 2008


The following list contains most hyperlinks mentioned in this site and a few new additions worth visiting. A brief description of each site is included to guide your interest. Please note that this list may be edited at any time.

Mary Doria Russell

International best-selling author

With five international best-sellers (The Sparrow, Children of God, A Thread of Grace, Dreamers of the Day, Doc) under her belt and a fifth novel in the works, it's a miracle how Mary finds the time to answer letters from her readers -and still have dinner ready by the time Don gets home from work.

If you are an aspiring author, a devouted follower, or have recently discovered the enchanting, exotic and disturbing worlds of The Sparrow and Children of God, visiting Mary's personal site will be a treat. The 'interviews' are both illuminating and entertaining, and her 'note to authors' is as precious as Robert Rodriguez' Ten-minute film school is to would-be filmmakers.

Home Furniture

Kan Thai Decor, beautiful hand carved wood home furniture and home decor products. Stunning Eco-friendly products crafted from sustainable wood resources and imported from Thailand.

I was fortunate to visit Thailand in 2008 and meet many artists and artisans creating pieces of stunning natural beauty. Visiting this site will give you and idea of the wonderful collection of hand carved beauties produced in this exotic country.

Murales Políticos / Political Murals

A compilation of political (and social) murals from around the globe.

Murales Políticos (Spanish for ‘Political Murals’) is a really fascinating site that collects images of political and social theme murals from all over the world, regardless of content. The images are catalogued according to political ideology and by country of origin. In my personal opinion, this is populist art at its best and is an excellent example of freedom of expression.

The site, edited and supported by two Spanish bloggers from Bilbao and Madrid, is made possible by contributions from artists, organizations and private individuals from around the globe who continually provide new images to the website and keep it fresh. To make the page even more assessable to a world audience (it is written in Spanish), a handy Translation tool is included, as well as a list of interesting links.


Susana Weingarten & Tom Evert, international dance performers

Susana is not like ordinary women; Susana is an extraordinary woman. Everything about her is upfront, intense, always with purpose… but infused with an amazing visual grace of movement. Susana is a diva. To meet her is to confirm our stereotypes of what a princess should be –I know, I once met a real one. It is hard not to be attracted to her; Susana seems more feminine, more erotic, more sensual, more passionate; beautifully captivating… and yes, more dangerous than any woman you would ever meet. Maybe that’s why she is such a great artist.

Along with Adonis-like husband Tom –who has to be the most noble, nicest person on the face of the planet, Dancevert have been delighting audiences all over the world. I had to pleasure of collaborating with Susana on one of my productions and the honour of being counted among the Evert’s friends. So check out their website and get ready for a visual feast.

Angelica Pozo

Ceramic Artist and Author

I met Angelica while serving on the board of Cleveland's RTA Arts-on-Transit Committee. We were considering several artists for the new line of commuter rail stations along the greater Cleveland area in an initiative to add art to public spaces.

In walked Angelica to do her presentation and at first site she was unforgettable. She is very unique in manners and appearance, pretty much a poster girl for the stereotypical artist -an the nicest person you could ever meet. With her Cuban-Puerto Rican-Afro roots, Angelica’s art was infused with all the colours and organic rhythms associated with people of Caribbean cultures.

Since then, she has become a Cleveland celebrity in her own right -and now she is also a published author. I could tell you much about Angelica, but it is best if you take a look at her work. My favourite pieces are her ‘blossom’ series shown at her gallery page. And don’t forget to read the titles! They are as creative and fun to read as the art.

Aryavarta Kumar

Award Winning Composer

Cleveland based composer Aryavarta Kumar (Arya) writes music for independent films, TV, commercials, radio, computer games, and other media. And that's just on his spare time! When not breathing music, Arya works at completing his MD and PhD degrees from Case Western Reserve University, majoring in biochemistry, physics, and nanotechnology. Hailed by -Blue~ize Magazine as "Cleveland's #1 Film Score Composer", Arya is hot emerging talent to keep an eye on. So check out Arya's website to hear what everyone is talking about.

Painted Wall Sundials

John L. Carmichael, professional sundial maker

Once in a great while I come across a site that is really, really cool. Painted Sun Dials is one of these places. John L. Carmichael, a professional sundial maker and a member of both the British and North American sundial societies, sent me a greeting and express his delight in Muralmaster.

Both scholar and artist, John invited me to take a look at his site, an educational non-profit website dedicated to rare painted wall sundials from around the world. I did –and I got such a kick out of it that I keep coming back! Every time I visit this site I learn something new. So stop reading and go check it out.

Wall painting, Murals

Art Directory

This is a Dutch-English site with a very good collection of international links relating to mural painting and the decorative arts. One can spend a fun time browsing through the links in this collection and seeing what other artists from around the world are producing.

CPT/ The Cleveland Public Theatre

Alternative performance company in Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Public Theatre is known as one of the nation’s leading experimental performance venues, sponsoring much dance, music, poetry, and performance art, as well as theatre. CPT presently owns and occupies two venues — the James Levin theatre, occupied since 1984 and built as a dancehall in 1919, and the Gordon Square Theatre, Cleveland ’s oldest standing theatre built in 1912.

Art Puerto Rico

Watercolor artist Alicia Sotomayor

Alicia is one of the best watercolor artist I have seen in recent memory. She is a born colorist whose work is infused with the beauty and the magic of her paradise surroundings


Scott Billups' virtual studio for moviemakers.

If you want to make a movie and you need unbiased help, direction or advice, Pixelmonger is the right place to go. Here you will find useful information on anything and everything you should know about digital movie production. Two thumbs way up!


A Comprehensive On-line Cybertext in Studio and Field Production by Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.

CyberCollege, the Internet Campus, and TheInternetCollege are free educational services. These educational sites cover a wide range of subjects ranging from television production to dating and sex. This is an informative, resourceful, entertaining, well illustrated, and easy to access award-winning site ideal for high school and college students.


Your source on the web for daily archaeological news and information.

One of my few daily routines is to read my e-mail, then read the day's news on Google, and finally, I go to 'Archaelogica' news and information site. If you love history, archaeology and exploration, this 'Forbes' Award' winning site is like discovering King Tut's tomb on a daily basis. Bookmark it and enjoy it.

the Institute for the Visualization of History

Your source on the web for daily archaeological news and information.

If you like 3D recreations of archeological structures, this site will be a treat. Using data supplied by archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, and others, the Institute applies leading-edge computer graphics technologies to re-create visually, in interactive three dimensions, places that no longer exist, that are otherwise inaccessible, or that are expensive or difficult to visit.

…To benefit the study, understanding, and enjoyment of history. is an online magazine aimed to offer an original, independent point of view about the art world, its news, protagonists, glories and miseries. It is a great place for artists and art lovers to stay on top of what is happening in the world of art. It also provides a box of goodies such as tools to promote art and artists. TheArtWolf manifesto for the Art and the Art World reads: The Wolf has no direct or indirect affiliation with any museum, art gallery, dealer, auctioneer, political party, religious belief, etc.

Pigments through the Ages

How artists have colored our lives…

This exhibit includes most important pigments used through the early 20th century. But if also provides really interesting facts and trivia about the use of pigments through the ages and the symbolism of colour. The site is a public service of the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA).


Free online art resource for all art lovers and artists.

I discovered this site by accident –and I’m glad I did! At EmptyEasel you'll find all types of art and painting tips, including oil painting tutorials, drawing techniques, and general art advice, as well as articles on famous artists, historical art movements, and contemporary artists. PLUS, EmptyEasel has inside info about selling art online and the online art market. Dig in and enjoy!

Harmony Cedar

Sellers of fine handcrafted dining tables, cedar chests and unique gifts. Tables to chests and other interesting gift items. All made by hand from the finest wood available in the standard Amish Tradition of quality.

I consider the Amish to be umong the best craftsmen in the world. Traditional wood working methods, a simplicity and practicability of design, and an artistic eye for detail, makes them masters of their craft. If you love quality and made-by-hand craftsmanship as much as I do, check out this site and see what I'm talking about.

Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta’s World Literature Website

This site contains materials created and used by Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta in his teaching of world literature texts and authors.

If like me, you like to enrich your quality of life by first enriching your intellect, or if you simply want to impress your friends with your literary knowledge, this site is a great place to start.

An online Art Magazine

A good source of interesting articles on a variety of topics.

Interior Design - Home and Interior Decorating

The only publishing company in the United States solely focused on the interior design and home furnishings trade. Interior decor magazines, directories, books & free publications.