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Please make initial contact by e-mail or by calling the listed telephone number. For the more traditional, our mailing address is also listed below. Whichever contact method you prefer, we welcome you and will do our upmost to reply in a prompt and attentive manner. You deserve nothing less.

Mailing address:

John Rivera-Resto
14519 Lake Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107 USA

E-mail address:

[email protected]

Cleveland telephone number:

(216) 228-2325

john rivera-resto, march 2019

"All you have to do is call."
John Rivera-Resto, March 2019

Potential Clients

John Rivera-Resto is an artist, a designer, a lecturer, and a consultant for hire. From murals to conceptual design, from theater production to film making, John brings a variety of expertise, experience and skills into any project of quality. This website is his portfolio and by browsing the pages you can see the range and quality of his work. If you feel that John may help you with your project or idea, then please feel free to let him know. Initial inquiries are done via e-mail or by phone. Follow-up consultation and telephone exchanges will be done at the client's convenience or the availability of the artist. Some commissions necessitate a site visit. John will travel to meet with clients anywhere in the world at their invitation and expense.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Cleveland,-Ohio-2014 Another day at the job in Cleveland, Ohio, 2014

Art Students

Questions from students are welcomed and encouraged. John will answer most letters via e-mail in due time. Please be patient. If your letter gets lost in the cosmos, please write again. Some inquiries might be of general interest to other readers. Unless otherwise requested, your questions might be posted on the website.

John_Rivera-Resto,-Jakarta,-Indonesia-2008 "Doing what I love." -lecturing in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2008

Lectures and Presentations

John is a popular lecturer on a diversity of subjects relating to art education, multicultural art, his artistic career, art history and philosophy, as well as painting techniques. His lectures are a melange of imagery and entertaining exposition by a presenter that is both a gifted artist and an actor. Presentations may be in either English or Spanish. Please contact the artist about presentation fees.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Bali,-Indonesia-2008 Teaching painting in Bali, Indonesia, 2008

Art Lovers

The world is filled with people that do not create art or do not know about art, but love art just the same. If any of the artworks contained in these pages, or if any of the words and content affected you in any way, we urge you write and express your thoughts with us. Your observations and commentary helps us improve this website.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Paris,-1999 Another day full of wonder at the Louvre in Paris, France, 1999.

A Final Thought from John Rivera-Resto

"My personal philosophy is that artist's are citizens of the world. So, to be a "world-rounded artist", you have to travel to discover, to experience, to learn and to share all the amazing things and the wonderful people that both your country and this world have to offer. Practice direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge. Artists never stop learning, artists never stop living life, artists never retire, artists never stop giving. That's the beauty of it all. And, while the years change you, time also makes you wiser. It is wisdom that makes you deaf to criticism so you become better at doing your own thing. I have truly enjoyed and continue to enjoy "living life". My only regret is that one life is never enough to learn all the things that fill my mind with wonder and yearning. I truly have no time to waste." -April 2019.

John-Rivera-Resto,-1983 1983. Full of ideas and planning my next move.

John-Rivera-Resto,-1992 One of my many looks, 1992. A busy time with work and college.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Avignon,-France-1999 Absorbing history by visiting places I first travelled to in books. A very windy day in Avignon, France, 1999.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Florence,-Italy-2000 Visiting one of artistic Mecca's of the world -Florence, Italy, 1999, before taking the train to Nice, France.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Venice,-Italy-2000 London, Brussels, Luscern, Como, Milan, and now Venice. Next, Forence and Rome, 2000.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Martinique,-2002 A picture taken while cruising the Lesser Antilles, 2002. My favorite memories are from Martinique.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Cleveland,-2006 Another year spent atop a scaffold. Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2004.

John-Rivera-Resto,-Puerto-Rico,-2009 Visited Japan, Indonesia and Thailand in 2008. So what to do next for an encore? Getting married in Puerto Rico, 2009.

John-Rivera-Resto-and-Happy,-Lakewood,-Ohio-2015 With my adorable pup 'Happy' while recovering from cancer surgery. Home in Lakewood, Ohio, USA, 2015.

John-Rivera-Resto-and-Nancy-Lewis,-Puerto-Rico,-2018 Enjoying life with my greatest fan and my muse -my lovely wife Nancy. At the Museo de Arte, Puerto-Rico, 2018.

Thank you art lovers for visiting Muralmaster. I leave you with a parting gift, a quote from American writer Dale Carnegie: "Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire?"

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