Interviews and other media

Nancy: -"My love, you have
to smile more."
John: -"I'm not the smiling type."

-John's wife advising him before an interview.

interviews of john rivera-resto

The Art and Business of Painting

Since his days in high school, John captured the interest of the public because of his large scale works and his artistic prowess. In his native Puerto Rico, local media also took notice and several articles were written about it. The same pattern of news coverage was repeated in Cleveland. However, John did not liked doing interviews. First he had to work to overcome his natural shyness, and then after, his English language deficiency. Naturally, his work in Cleveland singled him for praise and his name began to appear in newspapers and magazines articles -see the 'Critics' page.

However, thought free publicity is a welcomed bonus to any artistic career, John avoided attracting attention. What's more, because of his attention-deficit/hyperactivity-disorder (ADHA), John refused to appear on video tape until the early 2000s. But the articles that we have have reveal quite a lot of interesting details on such a contrasting individual that is John. Below are some recent videos and printed media about his artwork and career that were available to us at the time of this edit. Clicking the images will take your selection.

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