Death of a Mercenary: Introduction


This is the story of Agustin, a man who has the opportunity, the skills and the resources to achieve the rewards of the American dream. Instead, he is forced to return into a world of violence, intrigue and deceit in order to honour a friends last wish. And, in spite of later fame and success in his life, he remains alone; an outcast who waits until the physical end of his existence to be liberated from the terrible nightmares he holds inside. Because he knows that in choosing the life he lived, he lost his closes friends, the woman he loved, and his will to live.

Death of a Mercenary is a tragedy set in the final years of the dictatorship of Nicaraguan president 'Anastasio Somoza', and concludes a decade later during the Reagan Era of covert operations in Central America. Against this turbulent historical background, Death of a Mercenary vividly portrays the lives of the mercenary -professional adventurers, soldiers of fortune, men and women living only for the present, with no record of the past and no cares about the future. The story explores some of the motives, background and circumstances that created them and provides some clues to explain why most of them are pulled back into this kind of life -until eventually- violent death catches up with them.

Yet, Death of a Mercenary simply tells a story. It does not create excuses for the actions of many of the characters and it probably raises more questions than provide answers. Still, the telling is unnerving because if forces the audience to examine their morals and beliefs if they, like the characters in the play, were forced to choose sides and commit actions that are justified only by the primal need to survive. However, the tragedy in Death of a Mercenary is not only about Agustin's slow and painful downfall into darkness, but the realization that he, like most of the other characters, are victims and pawns of invisible powers and circumstances beyond their control.

Death of a Mercenary is a fictional narrative based on life experience and other accounts witnessed or researched by the author. The main characters represent real-life counterparts so names, places and times have been changed in order to protect the identity of those still living. While the depiction of locations, historical background, and military operations is accurate, many elements have been simplified for the sake of story telling.

Ultimately, Death of a Mercenary is a story about human nature's inability to remain unchanged, when all the options of living are reduced to one: survival.

November 7, 1995

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