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"Writing is the closest thing to being a god. It gives you the power to become a person that does all manner of stupidity without ever getting killed." - John Rivera-Resto


2005 update - This catalogue contains a selection of some of John's writings: an essay, a journal, a play, and a couple of scenes from a screenplay.

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The Essay

American Propaganda: Controlling Public Opinion in Puerto Rico, is a two-part manuscript of general interest, but in particular to artists and political science students. Part one of the essay deals with the subject of propaganda art, the general definitions of propaganda, and a historical overview of the use of propaganda art.

Part two deals specifically with the implementation of American propaganda on the island of Puerto Rico. This section will be of particular interest to those who want to know more about the relationship between the United States and the people of Puerto Rico.

Both parts of the essay can be read independently of the other, but reading jointly will greatly enhancement the readers understanding of the issues. This essay is well supplemented with pictures and illustrations, endnotes, and an extensive bibliography.

The Journal Entry

Moving Into Films: From Errol Flynn to DreamsVcom, is a personal narrative about the creation of DreamsVcom studio, and the story behind the making of the film Bad Blood. This work in progress details the story of John's interest in movies and his journey from childhood to his present venture into filmmaking. This entry will be updated as it unfolds as the story is far from over.

The Play

Death of a Mercenary (La muerte de un Mercenario), is the third selection in this catalogue. It is a copy of John's first English language theatrical work. It was one of the finalists in the International Student Playwrights Competition in London, England. Additional production notes have been included following the play's manuscript. Death of a Mercenary is set in the final years of Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza and in the Reagan years of covert operations in Central America. This powerful play is based on actual events and it is intended only for mature readers.


The Screenplay

Bad Blood (La mala sangre), is the final entry into the catalogue. Only a couple of scenes are included. Bad Blood is a supernatural action thriller in which a renaissance Roman prince (Roberto Orsini) and the son of the pope (Cesare Borgia) settle their five hundred year old vendetta in the city of rock-n-roll. Pictures of the cast are included. For additional information about this production, read the journal entry included in this catalogue.

American Propaganda From Errol Flynn to DreamsVcom Death of a Mercenary Bad Blood Screenplay

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