A Special Report by TremonsterTV

Streaming media by and for Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio

by Rich Weiss, 2018

"It's Up to Us" Mural Restoration

My crew and I were restoring the now iconic mural "It's up to us" at the corner of West 25th and Clark Avenue, in Cleveland's West Side, when Rich Weissstopped by. Rich is Executive Director at Neighborhood Media and Publisher of 'The Tremonster', an online and printed newspaper for the neighborhood of Tremont in Cleveland, Ohio. Tremonster TV is a part of their expanding media company and Rich wanted to shoot video of the restoration. It was a hot and hazy June afternoon and artists Janice Saunders and Amanda Maldonado were laboring with me restoring a mural that had been damaged by graffiti. This act of vandalism had received extensive media attention and I figured this was going to be another interview segment for local consumption.

Rich handed me a Lavalier microphone which I clipped to my shirt in preparation for what I assumed would be a question and answer session. He told me just to talk about what happened and then walked across the street to setup his camera. So, at his signal I began to tell the story. Little did I know that "this" was the entirety of the segment. No interview. So the finished product is as raw as you can get. No sound edits, just me telling the story -which I never expected to be used except for a few soundbites. But I think it worked great and Rich did a fine job at the camera and with the edit. To learn more about the creation of this mural, go to the 'Murals' link on the Menu. Enjoy the video!

Thank you art lovers for visiting Muralmaster. I leave you with a parting gift, a quote from American writer Dale Carnegie: "Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire?"

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