Making Art Work:
meet John Rivera-Resto

by David C. Barnett
WVIZ/PBS Ideastream
Wow... this is the best awesome painting

Mr. David C. Barnett

I had the pleasure of spending time with David, Senior Arts reporter for WVIZ ideastream, NPR/PBS affiliate in Cleveland, who seem to be as amused by this artist and I was in awe of him (an uncommon occurrence). He was exploring how artists in northeast Ohio made a living doing art. As stated in Ideastream In-depth: "There has been ongoing conversation in Northeast Ohio about artist support in recent years but little examination how artists support themselves on a day-to-day basis." David wanted to provide some answers and the result was a series profiles titled "Making Art". In the series, a sampling of area artists and the various ways they make their finances work was highlighted. I happened to be selected for one of articles; that's how I got to spend time with David.

I felt at ease talking to David about a subject that I don't give much thought to. And this was also the first time I had opened up about the totality of my artistic career. In the end, I felt there was enough material to fill a book or two. So I was curious to see David's takeaway, and how he was going to do the unenviable task of editing the material into a lean article. When it was posted, I read with much interest his insightful piece and learned a few things about me, such as, that I don´t like to read about me! But the best part of the experience was feeling comfortable talking to David about subjects in my life that no one had ever questioned me before. So, in a peculiar way, I got to know the artist that I have always tried to ignore. Thank you David. Now, here's a link to the article:


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